Full Proofread

Your book has been copyedited and polished to a high professional standard. Now it’s time for a meticulous proofread – by a fresh pair of eyes – to catch any remaining errors or formatting issues.

This will be the final quality-control step before you publish.

What you’ll get

  • A full line-by-line, word-by-word proofread of your manuscript that fixes any remaining errors in text or formatting. I’ll focus on the following:
    • Correct and consistent spelling, punctuation and grammar
    • Consistent capitalisation and hyphenation
    • Page numbering and chapter sequencing
    • Letter and line spacing
    • Paragraph indentation
    • Scene breaks
    • Widows and orphans
    • Consistency in text and image elements
  • A style sheet that records decisions on stylistic conventions, such as hyphenation, capitalisation, spelling and punctuation style.

Price: Subject to a free sample edit

Format: Microsoft Word doc or PDF

Request a sample edit

Let’s get started with a free sample edit so that you can see if I’m a good editorial fit for you.

Yes, I’d like a sample edit

I highly recommend Angela to anyone who wants to release the best version of their book

I found Angela to be an exceptional editor to work with. I had trialled a number of freelance editors previously and the editing process with Angela was by far the smoothest I have ever experienced.

Jax Calder, Fiction Author

a killer combination for polishing a manuscript

Working with Angela is always an enriching experience. She’s an editor who is fully committed to her clients, helping craft the best possible stories with a keen eye for detail, while still respecting the author’s voice and creativity.

Bronwen Evans, USA Today Bestselling Author

the result was a much better script that I proudly presented to my publisher

When I got my manuscript back from Angela, I was shocked to realise it wasn’t just a couple of typos here and there as I’d imagined. She had done a huge job, and the result was a much better script that I proudly presented to my publisher. So, from the bottom of my heart, a big Thank You to Angela.

Annika Ohlson-Smith, Fiction Author
ALLi Partner Member