Full Copyedit

You’ve finished writing your novel. Congratulations! That’s a tremendous achievement, and one that’s worth celebrating.

You’ve also garnered feedback from critique partners or beta readers, or maybe even hired a developmental editor. Either way, you’ve resolved any big-picture issues and are happy with your story’s structure.

Now it’s time to focus on your language and make sure you’re delivering your best work to readers.

What you’ll get

  • A full line-by-line, word-by-word edit of your manuscript. I’ll smooth and correct – keeping your narrative voice and style intact – and attend to the following technical and stylistic aspects:
    • Spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax
    • Consistency in capitalisation, hyphenation and spelling
    • Clarity and flow of sentence-level narration
    • Repetitive words or phrases
    • Redundant words that clutter your narrative
    • Phrasing that’s awkward, ambiguous or clichéd
    • Plot, timeline and character-trait consistency
    • Dialogue: style and punctuation
    • Basic point-of-view issues
    • Use of tenses
    • Basic fact-checking (e.g. brand name spellings)
    • Word, line and paragraph spacing
    • Standard manuscript formatting: indentation; paragraph style; scene and chapter breaks

  • An edited file in which all edits are visible via Word’s Track Changes feature. You can review each edit and ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ as you see fit.

  • A comprehensive editorial report that expands on my observations and focuses on various aspects of your dialogue and narrative.

  • A style sheet that records decisions on stylistic conventions (e.g. spelling variation, or the use of single or double quotation marks for dialogue). This will be useful for your final proofreader.

Price: Subject to a free sample edit

Format: Microsoft Word doc

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Yes, I’d like a sample copyedit

the result was a much better script that I proudly presented to my publisher

When I got my manuscript back from Angela, I was shocked to realise it wasn’t just a couple of typos here and there as I’d imagined. She had done a huge job, and the result was a much better script that I proudly presented to my publisher.

Annika Ohlson-Smith, Fiction Author

a killer combination for polishing a manuscript

Working with Angela is always an enriching experience. She’s an editor who is fully committed to her clients, helping craft the best possible stories with a keen eye for detail, while still respecting the author’s voice and creativity.

Bronwen Evans, USA Today Bestselling Author

I highly recommend Angela to anyone who wants to release the best version of their book

I found Angela to be an exceptional editor to work with. I had trialled a number of freelance editors previously and the editing process with Angela was by far the smoothest I have ever experienced.

Jax Calder, Fiction Author

she embraced my manuscript and lifted it to the next level

Angela Bissell is a true gem of a copyeditor. With an eagle-eyed focus on detail coupled with skillful attention to context and nuance, she embraced my manuscript and lifted it to the next level.

S G Benton, Thriller Author

I learnt so much from her thorough and kind approach to editing

This was my first experience of collaborating with an editor and what an excellent choice! Angela is an absolute delight to work with. I learnt so much from her thorough and kind approach to editing.

S J Gardiner, Thriller Author
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